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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is your warranty/repair policy?

Your pedal sucks. Can I return it?

Oops...I bought a pedal directly, but I found it used or from one of your dealers. Can I have a refund?


How do I pay?

How much does it cost to ship?

Where's my tracking number?

How long is your wait list or I placed an order...when will my pedal ship?


Will the pedal work for bass or guitar?

What is the difference between the clipping diodes? What do they do?

What is are the mods and what do they do?

My pedal is acting weird. Help?

What power supply do your pedals take?


Do you have extra pedals in stock or b-stock?

Do you do endorsements or can a be a mooch a get a free pedal?

Where can I try your pedals out?

I don't like your enclosure colors...can I get a custom color?

I don't like your lettering or other colors of your designs...can I get a custom color?

Can I get a fully customized design?

Can I get a fully customized pedal (example: Rat Tail and The Demon in one box)?