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Josh Newton

With Knives, The Damned Things, ex-Every Time I Die, Confessions of a Gear Nerd

Owns: Rat Tail, Dark Driving, The Demon, Grey Stache +, Shinfo, custom delay/trem

Queens Of The Stone Age

Official Site

Owns: 4 Demons w/ octave up, Tremorslo, Heliotropic

Brian Cook

Russian Circles, BOTCH

Owns: The Demon, Rat Tail, Terrordactyl, K-A-E-D-E-N Drive (mid boost), Custom Delay/Chorus, Ram The Manparts

Caleb Scofield

Cave In, Zozobra, Old Man Gloom

Owns: Rat Tail, Dark Driving, custom racked Rat Tail

Joe Trohman

With Knives, The Damned Things, Fall Out Boy

Owns: Rat Tail, Kevin Bacon (Tremorslo), Boo St. (one-off), Weedback Looper (one-off)

Brian Southall

Brian Southall, The Company We Keep, TREOS, fordirelifesake, Boys Night out

Owns: Terrordactyl, Custom A/B/C, Heliotropic, Dark Driving, Grey Stache

Dave Edwardson


Owns: Rat Tail, Grey Stache, The Demon

Liam Wilson

Dillinger Escape Plan

Owns: Custom Grey Stache/Terrordactyl/Tremorslo

Jonathan Hischke

The Shins, Le Butcherettes, Broken Bells, dothacker, Sweethead, Hella, El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Damsel

Owns: Rat Tail, Dark Driving

Ed Breckenridge


Owns: Grey Stache, Rat King, The Demon

Nate Newton

CONVERGE, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom

Owns: Free Candy

Jebb Riley

Doomriders, Disappearer

Owns: Rat Tail

Nick Thieneman

Young Widows

Owns: Rat Tail, Rat King, Ram The Manparts

Jaye Schwarzer

Cancer Bats

Owns: Rat Tail, Dark Dick Stache (Dark Driving, Grey Stache, BDPG), custom modded Shredmaster clone, The Demon



Owns: Rat Tail, The Demon, Demon King, Ram The Manparts

Matt Armstrong

Murder By Death

Owns: Rat Tail, Grey stache, BDPG

John Lamacchia

CANDIRIA, spylacopa, Julie Christmas, Crooked Man

Owns: Tremorslo, Grey Stache

Andy Williams

Every Time I Die

Owns: The Demon (PEDALPHILIAC - Yes, the nipples DO light up)

Travis Shettel

TS and the Past Haunts, Piebald

Owns: Rat Tail, Demon King

Dustin Perry

SNAPCASE, Threadbare

Owns: Dark Driving

Ryan Patterson

Coliseum, Black God, Whips/Chains

Owned: Rat King

Jonathan Nunez


Owns: Dark Driving

Jeff Klein

My Jerusalem

Owns: The Demon, Grey Stache, custom MXR Blue Box clone

Christopher Frey


Owns: Rat Tail, The Demon

Connor Lovat-Fraser

The Fuckholes, Boys Night Out

Owns: The Demon

TJ Schilling & Nick Norvilas

Carved Up

Owns: Terrordactyl, Dark Driving, Grey Stache

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

NIN, Beck, etc.

Owns: Grey Stache

Chris Morgan


Owns: Tremorslo, Feedback Looper (one-off), ABY (one-off), Mail Order Muff (discontinued), order switcher (one-off)

Ronald Petzke

Bongripper, Consent, CSTVT

Owns: Demon King, custom The Demon/Grey Stache

Adam McGrath

Cave In, Zozobra

Owns: Rat Tail

Anthony Wright


Owns: Rat Tail

Jake Woodruff

dreamtigers, Defeater

Owns: Demon King

Brendan Ekstrom

circa survive

Owns: Custom The Demon/Grey Stache



Owns: 3 Rat Kings, 4 Rat Tails



Owns: 3 Demons, Heliotropic

Superheaven (fka Daylight)


Owns: Rat Tail, Demon King, Grey Stache

Dan Briggs

Between The Buried and Me, Orbs, Trioscapes

Owns: Terrordactyl, Ram The Manparts

Cinema Cinema

Cinema Cinema

Owns: Demon King

Nick Reinhart

Tera Melos

Owns: Demon King

Jesse Lacey

Brand New

Owns: Grey Stache, Heliotropic, ZUUL x 2

Stephen Brodsky

Mutoid Man, Cave In, Solo

Owns: Heliotropic + octave up

Nick Cageao

Mutoid Man

Owns: Custom ABY

Evan Weiss

Into It. Over It.

Owns: Demon, Mail Order Muff (retired)

Mike Hranica

The Devil Wears Prada

Owns: Grey Stache + octave up, Demon

Scott Evans

Kowloon Walled City

Owns: Rat Tail

Lukas Previn

United Nations

Owns: Custom reverb

Jesse Matthewson

Ken Mode

Owns: Demon King