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According to an unnamed, not-so-nice owner of "3 music schools and Fender Custom Shop demo guy," all of the "losers" who follow Fuzzrocious Pedals are a "Broke Dick Peanut Gallery." What better way to show some love for our friends who were put down unjustly by this doucher than to create a pedal to honor them!
Our complaint with most preamps is that they are generally glorified EQs and not many have any "dirt" on tap. With that in mind, the BDPG is not your ordinary preamp...With a pregain/drive section (left knob), the user can go from a touch of drive to a full-bore doomy grind. The volume knob (middle) regulates your volume, duh. The tone knob (right) dials in your tone with a tone stack picked by me for the "best" sound. The tone section is capable of pulling dubby/reggae/no treble tones fully clockwise, nasty metal/grind tone fully counter-clockwise, and everything else in between making for one VERSATILE preamp. It even sounds great with a dirt/boost in front of it!
Please note that this pedal doesn't "do clean." Also the pregain knob must be kept above noon to stay at/above unity gain.

Price - $155

Includes bypass footswitch, pregain pot, volume pot, tone pot in a 1590BB enclosure.

What does the BROKE DICK PEANUT GALLERY sound like?

Official - Clean then gain dimed, tone around 10:00 - then w/ Rat Tail driving it
Official - Gain dimed, low tone & high tone settings - Rat Tail driving it when dirtier
Official - Gain low, low tone & high tone settings - Rat Tail driving it when dirtier
Demo by Allen Fraley
"Clean" demo by Allen Fraley (by clean, we mean as clean as it will ever get without dipping below unity)

What does the BROKE DICK PEANUT GALLERY sound like on a crappy video?

Official - bass
Official - guitar

Instruction manual



Paint or Kid Paint

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